BA4V - Business Angels for Ventures Fund | Investment Principles
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Investment Principles

We are not guided by venture events and the hype of startup competitions. We are looking for truly entrepreneurial founders who are passionate about solving a market or technology problem and creating value, and who will not shy away from the challenge. We avoid copycat startups.


We are often the first investor in a budding A Round and think like Angel investors while acting as an institutional fund. This means we are founder friendly and entrepreneurial, but at the same time professional and growth oriented.


Our investment priorities are focused on the radical long-term changes of the 21st century. We analyze the structural changes of sectors and industries and seek radical product innovation.


We don’t believe in serial startup development and funding clich├ęs and know that every truly worthwhile company has had to surmount huge obstacles and challenges. We support and accompany our investments intensely through such phases. The success of a venture portfolio is often determined by the support the companies get in critical times.


We look first to the founder personalities and the knowledge and commitment of the Angels who have invested. We want to understand the business metrics and will disregard traditional business plans that are tweaked towards pleasing investors. In our view, the key to success lies in understanding the needs of your customers and your ability to create value with a sustainable technological advantage. This is what we focus on relentlessly.


Investment Criteria

Our investment targets typically can show:

  • An ambitious team with a durable entrepreneurial mindset
  • Support from relevant Business Angels who understand the market
  • Technological edge in a growth market
  • Scalable business model
  • A capital need between 500k and 3 Mil. Euros

Sectors & industries

True innovation often transcends traditional industry definitions, so we are always open for a new approach. Keeping this in mind, we are actively pursuing opportunities in the following areas:

  • Internet of Things: Interaction, interconnection, Data Analytics
  • Software: Artificial Intelligence, SaaS, Data Analytics, Deep Learning, Human-to-Machine Interaction
  • Digital Commerce: Data-driven commerce, Personalized Commerce, Mobile und Mass Customization
  • Telecommunication: Messaging, Personal Data Repositories, Privacy
  • 3D and Virtual: 3D Visualization & Printing, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality
  • Life Sciences: Data-driven Medicine, Diagnostics, Genetic Sequencing
  • Fintech: Blockchain, New Merchant Banking Models
  • Cleantech and sustainable development, especially renewables, alternative motor systems, water and energy recovery, micro production

Geographic areas

We are geographically agnostic, with a natural penchant for our home turf in the DACH and BENELUX regions.