BA4V - Business Angels for Ventures Fund | Portfolio
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BA4V is an investment fund that draws on its partners’ extensive experience of over 30 investments. BA4V’s investment portfolio is structured as follows:



Combining mobile and social media to address the customer in the inspiration phase, itravel disintermediates the leisure travel industry to establish a digital service platform that allows the customers to configure their trips with a direct access not only to flights, rentals and hotels, but also to local providers of experiences and activities. Itravel acts as a tour operator and replaces mainstream booking technology by its own, patent pending transaction technology.


Neodigital is Germany’s first completely digital insurer licensed by the German Federal Financial Services Supervisory Authority (BaFin). The high degree of automation allows Neodigital to create competitively priced products in real time. This allows Neodigital to tailor the products to the individual needs of the customers (White Label).


VEHICULUM is the first digital solution hassle-free car leasing. The platform empowers the customers to compare multiple models and leasing offers in real-time. Beside the price comparison VEHICULUM also offers additional features such as our contract management, which mainly supports companies with small fleets to manage their car fleet.


Social Data is about more than counting likes and shares or achieving viral success. Social interaction adds several dimensions to any content or transaction. This is such a fundamental paradigm shift that it will destroy industries and shape new ones. Hivemind applications are at the center of these tectonic shifts. We can draw from unique experiences to create software that will harness all dimensions of social interaction: not just the social graph, but also location, time, moods, and topics. Our tools bridge the divide between a traditional semantic search approach and the behavioral outlook on user interaction most social bean counting solutions follow.