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Dr. Christian Schultz

As the Founding Partner of BA4V, Christian has been a prolific investor in Venture Capital for more than 15 years and was recognized as the Business Angel of the Year 2013 and a member of the “Hall of Fame” by the Business Angel Network Deutschland (BAND). His focus has been in Cleantech, MedTech and IT.


Alexander Lang

Alex became Co-Founder and Partner of BA4V after more than 10 years of experience as a Fund Manager, Portfolio Manager and M&A expert. As an executive he has vast operational and financial expertise with a focus on value enhancement programs and asset valuation, which he brings to bear in all stages of company development, including exit.


Olav Sehlbach

BA4V Partner. With over 25 years experience in the health care sector, Mr. Sehlbach has extensive knowledge of demographic change. As an active veteran business angel, he brings extensive expertise with regards to social entrepreneurship to the table.


curtis newton labs

Launched as a startup incubator and company builder in 2004, the team of Curtis Newton Labs has gained experience in more than 15 investments with the support of a wide range of leading Business Angels and institutional VC Firms. They have helped forge companies which have transformed telecommunication, e-commerce, media, retail, fashion, consumer goods and travel. They and their teams have gained several entrepreneurial awards.


MIT in Boston, Massachusetts is a shareholder in Curtis Newton Labs, and their research projects have collaborated with universities and INSEAD.